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Helping You and Your Neighbors Hear Better in Riverview, MI

Our passion is helping smart people like you—people who are interested in staying connected and getting the most out of life—rediscover hearing. Our satisfaction comes from the joy our patients feel when they are hearing clearer, able to once again connect with friends, family, and the world around them.

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We provide a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing services, including hearing aid screening, evaluations, hearing aids, and rehabilitative and preventative counseling. You’ll be working with our highly trained staff to couple the latest in hearing aid technology with the best fit for your hearing needs.

Riverside Hearing Services has helped thousands of people in the Riverview and surrounding areas improve their hearing. Chances are we’ve helped your friends and neighbors, and we’re sure that we can help you, too.

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I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids. The service has been very satisfactory, The Audiologist, Laurie was thorough and professional, very friendly. The hearing aids are comfortable and easy to maintain. It has been a much better experience than I as expecting.

Catherine D.


For years I relied on visual means to overcome my hearing loss, so much so that if I wasn’t looking at you, I didn’t hear you. This became a short term obstacle for me. After being fitted with hearing aids at Riverside Hearing Services, because it wasn’t just a matter of programming the devices to help compensate for my actual hearing loss, but more importantly it was about reprogramming me and my brain to accept them. I seriously doubt I would have received the same level of professionalism and support anywhere else. Now after almost four months of continued use (16 hours per day) I can honestly say the quality of my life, as well as those around me, have improved tremendously.

M. Newman

I went to Riverside Hearing Services to get my hearing checked. I need hearing aids. When I received my hearing aids, I was so happy! I could hear things I could not hear before. I could hear my husband talking to me even when he went out of the room and was talking. I cried the whole time I was there, because I could hear things that I could not hear before. Now I don’t have to turn the TV up, I can hear it! I would like anyone who needs hearing aids, to go to Riverside Hearing Services.

Dolores Sieniareki

When I decided I needed hearing aids, I chose Riverside Hearing Services. Karen Finn made my experience a pleasant one. She completely explained the hearing test. She evaluated the results with me, explained the procedure following. She took time helping me choose the type of aid I needed and how to use it. The follow up visits have helped me become very comfortable with them.

Eileen Shade

I have been wearing hearing aids for more than 5 years. The service I have received from Riverside Hearing Services has been excellent plus! Mainly, Laurie Nastas has worked with me over the years. She understands my disability and works with me. Her thought process is “outside the box” checking every angle that makes the hearing aids work to the fullest for me. When making an appointment, I rarely wait more than a few days-love the flexibility! Thank You! I will continue to recommend Riverside for those in need of hearing aids.

Ann Fielder

It is great to be able to hear again! The staff at Riverside Hearing was very helpful in getting my hearing back to normal. I would recommend Riverside Hearing to anyone who cannot hear or is having trouble with their hearing aids. I cannot say enough about how nice it is to hear again – keep up the good work!

Larry Morgan

Brownstown, MI
I have been working with Riverside Hearing Services since the early 80’s. I have found them to the BEST at what they do; whether they are fitting you with new hearing aids, repairing your old ones, testing your child for the first time. They are friendly and professional as well as TRUSTWORTHY. I always refer them to everyone I meet.

Michelle Ries

Lincoln Park, MI
I have been associated with Riverside Hearing Services for about 11 years. Over the years I have been completely satisfied with the personal services of Laurie. She has been my technician and always listens to my concerns and questions with patience and understanding. I am now enjoying my third set of hearing aids as my hearing has deteriorated. Laurie has worked with me to satisfy my hearing ability. She patiently works with me. I am absolutely satisfied, I cannot praise the way I have been treated enough. I am happy to recommend Riverside Hearing Services to everyone I can.

Shirley Clark

Flat Rock, MI
My experience at Riverside Hearing Services was a pure joy. From the testing to the fitting of my hearing aid to the delivery, was very professional. I was taken care of very well and Ms. Nastas was a joy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!

Roy Parker

Grosse Ile, MI
The staff is well trained, friendly, and answered questions with great care. They are very concerned with pleasing patients. All showed patience and caring and gave the amount of time needed to please and satisfy patients. I would find it easy to recommend riverside hearing services as a source for treatment to others.

Joan Olszewski

Wyandotte, MI

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