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Hearing Aid Solutions

At Riverside Hearing Services, we are committed to providing the best hearing solutions to improve your quality of life. We understand that hearing loss can impact every aspect of your daily routine, from communication with loved ones to participating in social activities. That's why we offer a wide range of premium hearing aids from leading brands to cater to your unique needs. Our experienced team of audiologists and hearing care professionals is here to guide you through the process of selecting the right hearing aid for you.

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Our Featured Brands


Unitron, a subsidiary of Sonova, the world's largest hearing healthcare company, is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and outcomes by partnering with hearing care professionals. Unitron differentiates itself in the industry by being highly approachable, collaborative, and easy to work with, giving it an edge when it comes to customer service. With their innovative products, tools, and services, Unitron aims to provide hearing solutions that truly make a difference in your life.


Widex is known for its commitment to high-quality sound and cutting-edge technology. They continuously strive to create hearing aids that offer a natural and comfortable listening experience. Widex hearing aids are designed to adapt to various listening environments, ensuring you hear clearly in all situations.


Phonak is a global leader in hearing solutions, offering a wide range of hearing aids that cater to different types and degrees of hearing loss. They are known for their innovative technology and a strong focus on providing seamless connectivity with various devices, making it easier for you to stay connected and enjoy the sounds of life.


Signia, formerly known as Siemens Hearing Instruments, is renowned for its expertise in creating hearing solutions that prioritize both performance and discretion. Signia's hearing aids are designed to provide crystal-clear sound quality and enhance speech understanding while being discreet and comfortable to wear.


Starkey is a pioneer in the hearing industry, driven by a commitment to innovation and a focus on personalized hearing experiences. They offer a variety of hearing aids equipped with advanced features such as artificial intelligence and smartphone connectivity, ensuring you receive the best hearing care possible.

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At Riverside Hearing Services, we believe that everyone deserves to hear life to the fullest. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect hearing solution tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a world of improved hearing and enhanced communication.

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